I have been part of the Advanced Drug Delivery 团队 since when I joined to drive the analytical capability build in the new modality and drug delivery arena, to prepare us for the future 文件夹 demand and to position us as scientific leaders in the field.

I received my PhD in analytical chemistry from Lund University in 2001. I have broad experience in 产品介绍 development, having worked in the pharmaceutical and medical device sector since 2002.

Since joining AstraZeneca in 2011, I have been responsible for the analytical and material science efforts in numerous projects, from Phase 1 to life-cycle management.

My current 团队 has been instrumental in establishing the initial analytical tool package for oligonucleotide based therapies. This has had a direct impact on the progress of AstraZeneca’s oligo projects in clinical phase, by providing key analytical data required by regulatory agencies.

We delivered validated analytical methods for the world's first modified mRNA to reach the clinic, an accomplishment which paves the way for future new modality projects.

I am inspired by the work we do in Advanced Drug Delivery – it’s exciting to be actively involved in driving the science that advances the challenging and promising area of new drug modalities, knowing that our efforts may ultimately benefit patients.

Sara Richardson New Modality CMC Analytics Team Lead, Advanced Drug Delivery, Pharmaceutical Sciences, R&D











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